Facials Sweet or Salty Full Body Scrubs
Soothing Renewal Facial 60 Citrus Glow Scrub 75
Deep Cleansing Facial 65 Purifying Body Cleanser Scrub 75
The “Rugged Male” Facial 60 Hydrating Body Scrub 75
Mothers Glow Facial 60 Exfoliating Body Scrub 75
Radiant Facial 95 Full Body Masques
Illuminating Anti-Aging Facial 95 Skin Recovery Masque 80
Stone Facial Hot/Cold 80 Azulen Soothing Masque 80
Microdermabrasion 35 Mint Masque 80
Dermafile 65 Collagen Treatment Masque 80
Ultrasonic 65 Volcanic Mud Masque 80
High Frequency 65 Chlorophyll Tightening Masque 80
Digital Bio-Lift Microcurrent 75 Cucumber Ice Sorbet Masque 80
LED Light Therapy add-on 25 Seaweed Fortifying Masque 80
Eye Treatment Add-on Mediterranean Mud Masque 80
Collagen-Elastin Cream 20 Oxygen Treatment Masque 95
Placental Cream 20 Pure Algae Seaweed Masque 80
Bio-Effective Cream 20 Full Body Wraps
MicroSilk-C (Vit. C eye) 30 Soothing Beach Escape Wrap 95
Under Eye and Neck Cream 20 High Tide Hydration Wrap 95
Photo Rejuvenation Oxygenating Seaweed Smoothie Wrap 95
Single Area 30 minutes 35 Mineral Earth Body Wrap 95
Lash & Brow Aloe Vera Hydrating Body Wrap 95
Lash or Brow Tint 20 Black Currant  Berry Body Wrap 95
Tint Como Lash/Brow 38 Green Tea & Honey Body Wrap 95
Lash Lift 65 Body Butter Wrap 95
Alexandria Sugaring® Back Facial  85
Full Face w/o Brow 45 Alexandria Sugaring® cont.
Face w/ Brows 65 Chest w/o Abs 50
Brow Tweezing 25 Chest w/ Abs 60
Brow, Chin, Upper Lip, Forehead, Cheeks 15 Bikini 35
Jaw Line 15 Teeny Bikini 45
Abdominal 25 Brazilian 65
Back w/ Shoulders 60 Maintenance Brazilian 45
Back w/o Shoulders 50 Bottom 30
Neck 20 Legs, Half 45
Underarm 35 Legs, Full 75
Arm, Full Arm, Half 35 20 Hand & Fingers or Feet & Toes 15
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Mix and Match to create your own personal experience! Ask about Layered Facials & Speciality Serums

Weekly Facials

  • Besides being good for your health it will ensure faster, longer lasting results!

  • Take care of your facial needs by signing up for a weekly service pack. Mix and match facial services for complete care.

  • This package entitles you to any 1 hour facial service. Only one service per week included in this package*.

  • Includes best plan of services with personalized professional consultation, we will tailor package to your goals.

  • *As always, you can upgrade a service for an additional cost. Serum application extra charge.

  • Please remember gratuity not included.

  • Does not include VIP access

  • *Recurring charge-automatically charged to your credit card in one (1) payment per calendar month.

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VIP Status

Full Access Privileges
  • Make full body treatments a regular staple for each week! Book your weekly services in advance with priority booking.
  • This service is “Top Notch” recognition.

  • Take care of your total body needs by signing up for a weekly “VIP” service pack.

  • This package entitles you to any service on the menu.

  • Only one service per week included in this package*.

  • Includes best plan of service with personalized professional consultation, we will tailor package to your goals.

  • Please remember gratuity not included

  • Priority booking, One add-on service included and A Complimentary Gift
  • *Recurring charge-automatically charged to your credit card in one (1) payment per calendar month.

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Multi-Session Package Options

  • Microdermabrasion  Package $300 10, 30 minute sessions billed in 1 monthly payment to your credit card. Digital Bio-Lift Microcurrent “Lunch Time Face Lift” $700 10, 1 hour sessions billed in 1 monthly payment to your credit card. Photo Rejuvenation Package $125 5, 20-30 min.  Sessions billed in 1 monthly payment to your credit card.

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Facial Cost starts at: $35.00 Duration starts at: 30 minute booking

Here our happy clients testimonials:

“People rarely acknowledge how much they love to get a facial…But I want to say, that without my weekly facial sessions, my youthful appearance would be almost impossible to achieve at home…Thank You for caring, Kevan.” Debbie, CA

“Thank You so very much for your service, I felt so very special. Even at my age I felt so beautiful went and had my hair done so I could go out and prance around. Thanks Kevan” Sandi, AZ

Other Spa Services


Sugaring is a vital way to keep your skin exfoliated, clean and smooth…We have always focused on providing an excellent experience while achieving hair removal. We use only the best products for the best results.

Lash Lift

Have you experienced a Lash Lift? Make your own lashes look longer, fuller, darker and beautifully curled.

Facial Care

People are learning, that having regular facial sessions are vital for keeping up your health, fresh look and youthful appearance. We know how to customize a plan for you to achieve your goals.


Besides providing regular face & body skin care with wide range of services, we have the newest innovative Photorejuvenation option. Get results to reach your goals.

Full Body Skin Care

Treating your body with care and love is an essential way to stay looking young, to keep your skin radiantly fresh and feeling healthy…Our professionals have proved time and again, that they’re capable of providing an excellent range of body treatment services, while keeping their focus on a great customer experience as well.