Do men learn to love SPA too?

In the last few years, SPA salons across the US have gotten a brand new clientele type, they’ve rarely worked with before. These are the men! It’s not a secret, but rather a nationwide growing trend and the fact that men decided to dedicate more of their time and money for taking care of their skin is definitely a good thing.


Spa treatments for men: The EASY approach

In general, the men’s spa experience should be E.A.S.Y.

That stands for:

  • Effective: Quantifiably, physically effective. When men spa they want to appreciate that their skin feels and looks better afterwards, or that their muscles feel relieved.
  • Active: Spa-ing for men should be fun and different. A huge percentage of regular sports spectators and amateur players are men, so it’s not surprising that some kind of activity as a way of relaxing appeals more to men at a spa than sitting still.
  • Sensuous: Luxurious even. Spa treatments are not exactly cheap, so men like them to have an aura of class and refinement for the money, as well as making them feel good about themselves.
  • Youthful: The ambiance of old-fashioned barbers is all well and good, but we’re not quite ready to come on like our granddads yet. A men’s spa treatment has to feel like it’s enhancing the youthful vigor that we’re still naturally full of.

The most popular men’s spa treatments

Facials: A facial is a good first treatment for men who are nervous about the whole spa experience. A facial doesn’t have to involve completely disrobing, it’s relaxing, varied, and most men are surprised at how effective the treatment can be. There is one obvious reason for this. Because men tend to use fewer products such as moisturizer on a daily basis, the effects of a thorough facial treatment can be correspondingly dramatic.

Deep tissue massages or sports massages: Massages are always going to be a popular treatment for men as they have an obvious, recognizable physical purpose. We all, at one time or another, feel the odd nagging muscular twinge or more serious pull, while severe stress-pains and tension may keep you awake at night. A good massage can get right to the root of these problems, and leave you physically and mentally relaxed afterwards, as well as feeling back in control of your body.

Paradoxically, the “rougher” the spa treatment for men, the more relaxed they’ll feel afterwards; but sometimes the opposite approach is worth considering. Many places make a virtue of getting you into a more receptive state with soft music and low lighting so, for once, try it their way. A foot treatment or brief aromatherapy treatment helps to make a massage all the more relaxing.

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